Homemade fresh egg pasta

For beginners this Jamie Oliver’s recipe is the best: A basic recipe for fresh egg pasta.
He explained everything, every single detail, it’s recipe for Dummies. Perfect for the two of us.
As soon as we started making our own pasta the one bought at store started tasting like artificial, chewing gum made from unknown ingredients.
You’ll need small pasta making machine. They cost from 25 to 70$.
We bought only one we found in the store. Cheap, Chinese trash. But it’s working.
After the job of making pasta is over you’ll need to dry it for around 24 hours, depending of humidity.
Than you can store it on the shell for a few months. On the safe side, since the rainy season already started here I like to keep ours frozen.
Divided in quantities for one meal, in ziplock bags, can last up to 2 months.

In our home the best appliance for drying pasta is a cloth dryer

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