Freshness in a jar!

Freshness in a jar

It’s time to make new stock of this beautiful spice mixture. During the winter months I add this mixture to almost every meal. It goes well with soups, sauces, risottos… It adds freshness to every meal and the best thing is you know what’s inside.

For about 10 jars – 2 deciliters:
1 kg parsley (root and leaves)
1 kg carrots
1 kg onion
1 kg tomato
3 pcs. leeks
2 pcs. celery root
600 grams good quality sea salt

Wash the greens and cut them in smaller pieces. Divide in smaller batches and chop them the up in a blender. Mix everything together with a salt, cover with kitchen towel and set aside for 24 h in a cold and dark place.

After a day, mix the ingredients again and put in sterilized jars. Close tightly.

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