La Terrasse, Puerto Princesa Palawan

We needed a nice place to sit down and enjoy talking with our new Danish friends.
After adventurous day of island hopping at Honda Bay, La Terrasse came like very, very pleasant surprise.
A great place to have a cup of Italian style coffee. Espresso and cappuccino taste like the one in Europe’s finest cafeterias. Usually all around the Philippines coffee is brewed or instant.
The service is fast and the interior is super clean and cosy. Great restrooms design.
It feels like not being in the Philippines at all, especially not at Puerto Princesa’s main road, just 5 min walk from the airport.

Unfortunately the food was nothing special. We had hummus plate, grilled vegetables salad and fish plate. Not so fresh seafood for a place that boost freshness of their food on the menu.

People gaze! Another great sentence in my life.

The legend about Cafe Ysabel

The story about this place we will tell to our grandchildren!
This very pleasant surprise is located in San Juan City, in a an old Spanish colonial house.
Everything was great at Ysabel’s. Excellent food, friendly and efficient service, fair prices, great ambient.
We had Halibut crusted with slivered almonds and sole Roulade filled with crabmeat. Superb and Yummy. As an appetizer fresh and very tasty oysters and green salad. This simple, green Ysabel’s Salad changed our lives.

But that is a different story.

This story is about the menu.
About the sentence my husband found: A dessert without cheese is like a beautiful woman with one eye.

The legend about Cafe Ysabel is born!