Khun Caesar’s Pad Thai

This is the guy who makes the best Pad Thai Noodles in the Philippines. He mixes them, slowly, every Sunday on the flea market in Legaspi Village – Makati. But he doesn’t make them good any more. What a disappointment that was. My eyes had water in them. Now the portions are smaller and instead of abundance of ingredients and all that aromatic components he serves noodles with oil and peanuts. And because of his Thai noodles we started to eat Thai food. This noodles were the first Thai dish that we tried. We bought Lonely Planet the day after, and decided to visit Thailand. Yes, his noodles were that good.
This Sunday I had to comfort my husband with a fact that at least he taught us how to cook one at home. Well, we learnt ourself by watching him and later on the Google. We had such a nice tradition of starting a Sunday with noodles breakfast. Come to the Legaspi, order a noodles at his stall, do the shopping, eat the noodles, and the day is already complete. I don’t like this progress, next time he will probably have some apprentice to work for him and a second stall.

Pad Thai before

Pad Thai this Sunday