Best lunch in the Philippines

Hospitality is in Filipino peoples’ nature. They are kind and generous, always smiling. It’s like they know something hidden from the rest of us.

We went Island hopping in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan province.

Crowded Pandan Island

First stop was Pandan Island. Only island in the bay where you can buy food. We arrived hungry, during a lunch time, and on all stalls the food was sold out.
And despite that here we had the best meal in the Philippines. By accident, and by loving people who invited us to share a meal with them.

Everybody else were eating

The only thing left to buy were fresh sea urchins and Buko juice. I love Buko juice, it’s healthy and full of nutrients. It’s not enough for the hunger we felt.

Fresh sea urchins stall

Buko juice stall

We were desperate.

So I asked some people to sell us some of their food. No way, they invited us to join them and share their meal.
I just hope that one day when we go back to our home I would carry in my hart some of kindness and happiness we encountered here in the Philippines.
Filipino Bahala Na! or Leave it to God, philosophy. Because every time I leave Philippines and go back to Europe I’m always surprised how unhappy and rude we are. How we don’t know how to smile to strangers, how we rush and have a feeling that we don’t have enough. It’s never enough.

The best meal in the Philippines

Food shared with a perfect strangers

Cooking station

Fiesta table

Later on the sun came up.

Bangka resting on sunny bay Pandan Island