Good for brain: The Magnificent Veal feet soup

Grilled T-Bone Steak

Vietnamesse Noodle Soup

Beef tenderloin with barbecue gravy and gnocchi

Beef Stew with light gnocchi

Beef mussaman curry

Chicken, mushroom and barley soup

Chicken spring rolls 

Chicken Salad with Bacon, Water Chestnuts and Grapes

Malay chicken – water chestnuts curry

Sweet and sour chicken with water chestnuts 

Duck wontons

Pan roast duck breasts with mustard and thyme

Argentinean style burgers w/Chimichurri sauce

The perfect fajita!

Foie gras baguette

Beef Udon

Beef tenderloin w/red pepper sauce

Eggs, bacon and fried goat cheese

Pork tenderloin au poivre

Pork tenderloin+blue cheese+sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and cheddar barlotto

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