We fell in love with each other and then discovered that both of us like to cook. And then we fell in love even more.
For us there is no difference: meat, fish, vegan food, vegetarian food, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean or French cuisine. Whatever, as long it’s tasty. Or looks tasty, we’ll try to create.
We eat a little bit of everything, or sometimes a whole lot of everything. Our process of learning is ongoing and I hope it will last as long as we live.
We use food as source of health, happiness, inspiration and fun.

I started to write this blog while we were living in the Philippines. Small effort not to forget our great culinary moments. After almost 4 years in Manila, now we are happy in a small Croatian village, near the Adriatic sea. The change is enormous; we live in a house instead of condominium, having our own garden, 180 olive trees, vineyard, a goat named Monika, a obese donkey Lily and a few hens. And a stray cat who we did not named yet.
Finally we are producing our own food, olive oil, wine, no pesticides, no herbicides, no more buying super expensive ‘organic’ vegetables.

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