If the music is too loud, you’re too old

How do you know you are getting old? Except the saying we once saw on a t-shirt in Manila: If the music is too loud, you’re too old!? You go to Amsterdam and you are more excited with restaurant scene than with coffee shops.


Amsterdam is BEAUTIFUL! Very European, very human, very nice place to live, very, very tolerant, very rich, very cool… probably because they send all the Nazi types down to Cape Town. Oh, I’m just being mean now.

Surprisingly for the weather in March we had four warm, sunny days and we did our share of cultural tour around the city. Let’s keep it short and just write about our top choices: No. 1. without any doubt is Indian restaurant Shiva http://www.shivarestaurant.nl

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We were lucky to stumble into this restaurant on a first evening, great food and excellent prices so we went back for a dinner on a last evening. My favorite dish was Kheer, cardamom rice pudding with saffron. Vegetable Korma is also a dish I would like for us to cook at home.

Kasteel Donker dark ale with an alcohol content of 11%. Kastel Donker

Smoked salmon and Le Grand Caractere cheese for breakfast. Crazy inexpensive at Albert Heijn Supermarket.

Lazy afternoon in the sun.

Great Ceilings Design. Rijksmuseum, Maritime Museum and Flower market. Amsterdam ceilings

Dinner at Mamouche, Moroccan restaurant.

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Morning Selfie, young, beautiful and sober.

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