Filipino dinner at Pepeton’s

Kapalmuks, deep fried pig’s head

There is a huge stone in my stomach this morning. I’m to old to eat deep fried pork and Filipino chicken barbecue for dinner. Top that with barbecued squid, fried pig’s ears, fried fish, bangus belly, fried tofu, pancit bihon and two San Miguel Light. Ok I did have one spoon of Gising Gising, spinach stalks with chili cooked in coconut milk.

Fried pig’s ears

Barbecued pig’s ears

Kapalmuks, or thick face in Tagalog is the name for fried pig’s head. It’s tasty, crunchy and it is heart attack waiting to happen.

Everything good in life is either Illegal, Fattening or Bad

Ihaw Ihaw, chicken and pork barbecue on a stick has a sweet taste. Surprise, surprise, on one stick I noticed chicken stomachs. I get to eat them only in my father’s kitchen, and only if I specially order them. They are unhealthy for so many reasons, and I love them very much.

Filipino style barbecue

Barbecued chickens stomachs, Filipino style

Everybody else at our dinner table were like: yuck, that’s discussing. But passion is a passion so I ate both sticks. My husband was tearing the Kapalmuks with bare hands. We were chewing and eating like it’s our last day on this planet.

And something sweet for the end: Plantains (cooking bananas) with vanilla ice-cream

We were in a great company of our Filipino friends. Reuben told me, eat as much as you can, once you hit 45 years you can forget about this type of food. He’s so right. But! After dinner we were laying in our bed, not able to move, feeling like we have committed a mortal sin. Discussing the possibility of starting a diet! What a crazy idea, our brains were supersaturated with trans fat!

Pepeton’s Grill Resto Bar & Catering Service, Quezon City, Philippines

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