Dosanko cooking – Vegetable stew with konjac

Another gold medal in our kitchen dedicated to Mrs. Hoshizawa. Fantastic flavor, easy to make, refreshing. Snake palm or konjac texture reminds me on gummy bears. Carrot is sweet, potatoes and tofu soak all the fishy flavor. Entire meal smells like sea. Can’t wait to repeat this dish.

300 g green beans
4 fried fish cake
1 big carrot
2 small potatoes
100 g fried tofu (chunks)
200 g konjac
1 strip kelp
1+1/2 cup of water
4 tbsp. soy sauce
4 tbsp. mirin
1 heaping tbsp. muscovado sugar

Soak kelp in water. Soak fried tofu in hot water so to remove excess fat.
Hmmm… massage konjac with salt, rub it in, for minute or so. For better absorption of flavors. Pat it dry with kitchen towel. Cut potatoes, carrot and fish cakes in bite size chunks. First a diagonal cut is made, then a vegetable is turned to 90 degrees and cut so that to get approximately equal pieces. These movements are repeated until you get almost equal size pieces. Rangiri is Japanese name for this technique of cutting in rotation
Mrs. Hoshizawa prepared snake palm in very interesting way. First she cut it in stripes 1 cm tick, than she made small cut in the middle of the strip and flip over one end. That makes them nice and curly.
Remove kelp from water and make a knot at the both end and cut the strip in the middle. Preserve the soaking water. Drain tofu from soaking water.
In a heavy pan add soy sauce, mirin, sugar and kelp’s soaking water, warm up until sugar dissolves. At the bottom of the pan put kelp and than carrot and potatoes, on them tofu, konjac and green beans. On top of everything fish cakes.

Cover with a clean plate.

Put tight lid on. Bring to boil and cook on low heat for 20 minutes.

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