Croatian eating disorder

How to gain 4 kg in 2 weeks? Easy. Go and spend Easter with our parents.
Yesterday, I went straight form the airport to our home scale. OMG 69,3 kg! Shit!

How in the hell that happened?
I know what happened. The food happened.
Lovely, organic, fresh, local food.
And I’m not sorry, not even a bit.

Lambs are in season. The winter was strong so the pancetta taste like heaven. The bread is homemade, everything is homemade.
The beet and the asparagus are fresh from the garden and the field. The olive oil is from our olive trees. The brandy is also homemade, from our plums. No additives, no pesticides, no fertilizers.
We really enjoy living in the Philippines. Still, we just can’t wait to go back home and live there.
Have our own garden, few hens, maybe a goat or two. And a donkey! I just love donkeys.

Lunch: Beef shank soup. Roasted lamb. Baked potatoes. Baked button mushrooms. Spring onion. Red radish. Strawberry cake. Plum brandy. Wine.
Dinner: Whole ham baked in bread. Homemade horseradish mayonnaise. More wine.

Breakfast: Whole ham beaked in bread. Spring onion. Red radish. Ajvar. Snow.
Second breakfast: Strawberry cake. Coffee.
Lunch: Baked pork chops. Baked potatoes. Baked mushrooms. Strawberry cake. Apple chocolate cake. Wine.
Dinner: Vegetable soup.

B: Coffe and cigarets. Pancetta. Bread.
L: Lamb, pork, beef, cabbage stew. Apple chocolate cake.
D: Lamb, pork, beef, cabbage stew. Bread.

B: Apple chocolate cake. More coffee.
L: Beef tripe Stew (my favorite meal of all time).
between the meals: Pancetta. Bread. 3 oranges.
D: Beef tripe Stew.

B: Beef tripe Stew.
L: Smoked ham roasted on a bed of Sauerkraut. Homemade sausages and potatoes.
D: Proscuito. Bread.

B: Coffee and cigarettes. Shit, I started smoking seriously again.
L: Breaded Pork Chops. Peas and rice. Pickled cucumbers.
D: Strawberry cake.

B: Yoghurt.
L: Pork tenderloin. Bread. Baked paprika with garlic. Strawberry cake.
D: Proscuito. Soft fresh cow milk cheese. Bread.
Dinner No. 2 and night out with friends: Buffalo wings. 2 bottles of wine, cigarettes, homemade brandy, some beer, some homemade honey brandy. What remains of the night is blurry.

B: Massive Hangover. Shame. Remorse. Shame. Remorse. Shame. UF!
L: Slow roasted lamb shanks. Potatoes. Spring onion. Strawberry cake.
D: Lunch leftovers. Some more shame.

B: Coffee and cigarettes. No more shame & remorse. Whole ham baked in bread. Horseradish homemade mayonnaise. Spring onion. Red radish. Hard boiled eggs. Champagne. Brandy. Wine.
L: Slow roasted veal. Potatoes.
D: Whole ham baked in bread. Red radish.
D2: Octopus salad. Pancetta. Homemade bread. Homemade sausages. Wine.

B: Cold cuts. Octopus salad. Homemade bread.
L: Octopus, squid, potatoes prepared under the bell. Wine. Brandy. Beer.
D: Cold cuts. Slow cooked veal. Veal soup. Wine.

B: Wild asparagus egg salad. Pancetta. Homemade bread baked under the bell.
L: Spit roasted whole lamb. Onion. Homemade bread. Chocolate cake. Wine.
D: Beet shoots with olive oil. Pancetta. Proscuito. Homemade goat cheese.

B: Beet shoots, olive oil. Pancetta.
L: Rooster soup. Roasted veal and potatoes under the bell. Beet shoot. Wine.
D: Cold cuts.

B: Cold cuts.
L: Meatloaf with hidden boiled eggs. Potatoes. Appel strudel. Cheese strudel. Apple Chocolate cake.
D: Lunch leftovers.

B: Wild asparagus egg salad. Brandy testing with my mother.
L: Roasted turkey with pasta tatters. Ajvar. Wine.
Croatian wine and gourmet festival. Lots of good wine.
D: Roasted turkey with pasta tatters. Ajvar. More wine with family.

B: Coffee. Apple strudel. Cheese strudel.
L: Roasted veal with potatoes and button mushrooms. Ajvar. Chocolate apple cake.
D: Airplane food. Yuck!

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