Happy Mount Pinatubo trekking

2 hrs by car fm Manila
1 hr by 4×4
3 hrs trekking and there you are 🙂
It was world’s 2nd biggest eruption in last century (1991).
All “mountains” around are made of lahar and slowly eroding…

The day after and we are  felling overwhelmed. Out of this world experience. I didn’t expect that volcano can be so beautiful. When I think of destruction that this volcano brought 20 years ago it’s so ironic to see the crater as a jewel of blue and green. I screamed from happiness and joy at the viewing point.

Trekking is not difficult, the heat and the sun are the ones who are making the trek demanding experience. Luckily the trail passes through a series of streams, so we used every opportunity to refresh ourself along the way. Presence of water at 1PM in summer Filipino sky is blessing from above. Eucerin 50+ was also helpful, don’t know what they put in that shit, but it sure saved us. No burning skin today.

Basically, everything was organize by Pinaykeypoint, we just showed our faces at 6am at randesvouz point in Tarlac. Our guide was great, both of them, lunch was also tasty and filling. Some people blogging that the price for this tour is expensive and complaining about different prices for foreigners. We don’t mind.  We did not feel cheated in any way and everything was absolutly fantastic.

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