Flight  Manila – Cebu – 1 hour.
Taxi Cebu airport – Cebu south bus station – 30 min.
Bus ride Cebu – Moalboal – 3 hours ride with one 10 minutes stop.
I always want to go with the bus without air-con, otherwise prepare yourself for temperature of 18C or less.
Moalboal main road – Moalboal Savedra dive shop – tricycle ride around 5 min.

And here we are where we were before. It’s easy to go to Moalboal because we know two things: diving is great and food is fantastic. Savedra dive shop is professional and they also coordinate accommodation.

Our dive guide, again, was Lindy. I had to ask her how old is she. She told us:

I’m 66, I’ll be like Cousteau, diving until 80.

Underwater she’s just incredible. Moving effortlessly, like a fish. We have never seen such buoyancy. O, I wanna be like her when I got old.

The sardines around Pescador island are gone. The weather was too bad to go to Oslob and to see the whale sharks. Later on we find out that the local fisherman’s are feeding them. What an impact on eco system? Newspaper claims that divers organization said it was all right – and even beneficial – for fishermen to feed them. Yeah, right! Money, money, money.

Luckily Lantaw restaurant had the same chef. Filipina lady who is cooking everything from the scratch. She came to our table and told us not to order sashimi cause fish is not the freshest. What a privilege, to have an honest person in this business. Her kitchen is open space, her food is for the soul. This lady, she knows how to cook. The best way to judge the food was the amount of alcohol we had during and after the dinner, and no hangover in the morning. That’s a good food.

From the terrace there is magnificent and romantic sea view on Pescador island.  And we eat, lunch and dinner, as much as we possibly could. It’s so hard to find a place with tasty food in the Philippines. So we enjoyed to the maximum.

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